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Welcome to Chess

Chess has survived and thrived for over a thousand years. It's more popular now than ever. Why? Come see for yourself. At the Ferndale HS Chess Club you can not only learn how to play chess, but also gain the proficiency to enjoy the fascination of this ancient game for the rest of your life.

What is Chess?

Chess is many things to many people. It's...
- a game to the young
- a sport for the competitive
- an art to the creative
- a mystery to the detective
- a recreation to the weary
- a science to the logical
- a puzzle that can't be solved
- a language spoken 'round the world

...and it's just plain fun.

Hope to see you at club.

Northwest Chess League

FHS participates in the NW High School Chess League. Check it out here.

Come Join the Action

Besides informal pickup games at lunch, the Ferndale High School Chess Club meets during chess season (usually mid-October through February) every Wednesday evening from 6:45pm to 8:30pm. Feel free to contact Coach Kaech with any questions.

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