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HSC Flames

2013 Grand Prix

and Free Chess Lessons for Beginners

Play in one, two, three or all four:
Hot Summer Chess I --- Wednesday, June 26
Hot Summer Chess II -- Tuesday, July 16
Hot Summer Chess III -- Wednesday, August 7
Hot Summer Chess IV -- Tuesday, August 27

Bellingham Public Library -- 210 Central Ave, Bellingham. map

What time:
Check-in is from 5:45 - 6:00pm each evening. (All Grand Prix players must check-in to ensure that they get paired to play in Round 1.) Advance entry required -- see below.

Hello Scholastic Chessplayers!
Flaming Rooks Get ready for summer chess! The 2013 Summer Chess Grand Prix series of tournaments will be held June 26, July 16, August 7 and August 27 at the Bellingham Public Library, downstairs in the lecture room. Registration is from 5:45 to 6:00 pm sharp. These events are free and open to K-12th grade players of all abilities, beginner to experienced, so bring a friend!
*Note: Just graduated H.S. seniors are welcome to play.

Total Beginner Section: For those who don't know how to play chess (and beginners), we'll teach you how to play and then provide these beginners casual practice games to play.

Grand Prix Section: For those who already know how to play chess and want to compete in a tournament we have the traditional NWSRS rated Grand Prix tournaments.

Grand Prix Section Format: Players are placed in different playing groups of approximately equal playing ability based on grade and the latest NWSRS ratings. Players will play in 8-player (usually) "Octagonal" sections. These feature three games, no elimination, with a time control of Game/30 minutes with five second delay per player.

The tournaments are rated by the NW Scholastic Ratings System, so tournament rules are in effect: if you touch a piece, you must move it. If you are in high school or your NWSRS rating is 900 or higher you will be required to write down your moves, so bring a pen or pencil. Score sheets and boards/sets provided, but bring a clock if you have one. It's a no elimination tournament, each player plays three games, and thus games will be done by 9:55 pm each evening at the very latest (most players will be done before 9:30).

Win the Grand Prix!
The four players who accumulate the most points overall in all four 2013 Summer Chess tourneys will receive prizes! The top scorer will be declared 2013 Summer Chess Grand Prix Champion! The Grand Prix formula rewards players who are improving, so you could win if you put your mind to it! The current, updated NWSRS ratings will be used in each 2013 Summer Chess Grand Prix tourney. All Grand Prix players must register to play in advance! Simply email by the day immediately before each Grand Prix event. Include the player's first and last name, the name of the school they attended and the grade they were in during May 2013.

Schedule for each 2013 Summer Chess Grand Prix event:
Hot Pawn Check-in opens at 5:45 pm and please help with the setup, thank you!
Check-in closes at 6:00 pm sharp. Don't be late! All Grand Prix players must check-in to ensure that they get paired to play in Round 1.
Beginners Class - 6:25
GP Round 1 - 6:20 pm or asap
GP Round 2 - 7:35 pm or asap
GP Round 3 - 8:50 pm or asap
Afterwards, please help with setting the room back to its original layout!

Cost: The 2013 Summer Chess Grand Prix events are offered free. There will be a donation jar present at check-in to help cover the expenses of prizes, score sheets and other supplies. Suggested donation is $2 per player per tourney.

Lend a Hand: These events exist because of volunteer power. If you do come, we would appreciate assistance setting up the room. We also need some parents to assist in the Beginner Section with teaching the rules and helping kids find a playing partner. And for those who can stay afterwards, do help with taking down tables, resetting the chairs and returning the room to its original condition after the event. Thank you!

The 2013 Summer Grand Prix is organized and directed by Randy Walther, and sponsored by the Bellingham Public Library. If you need further information then email

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The view from last year's Hot Summer Chess III

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