Chessplayers from 5th-12th grades are invited to attend the....

2019 NW League PreSeason Tournaments

  • Monday, November 4 -- NWL Alpha Tourney
    Blaine High School commons
  • Monday, November 18 -- NWL Beta Tourney
    Mount Vernon High School cafeteria

Advance entry required, entry fee $3. (see below)

Scholastic chessplayers from 5th-12th grades of all abilities are invited to attend the Alpha and Beta Tourneys, being held on two Monday evenings this Fall.

At each NWL pre-season tourney, players are placed in sections of approximately equal playing ability based on the latest NWSRS ratings. If you are unrated, you will be placed in a low rated playing section. Chess notation is required for all players and chess clocks will be used (Game 25/5). If you're not familiar with recording chess moves, or using a chess clock, don't worry. Instruction will be available on site.

Chess Game USCF and WHSCA tournament rules are in effect, i.e. if you touch a piece, you must move it. Bring a pen or pencil, since chess notation is a requirement. In time pressure (when either player has less than five minutes remaining on their clock) chess notation becomes optional for both players. Score sheets are provided, but bring a chess clock if you have one!

It's a no elimination element event, each player will play in all three rounds. We aim for the last game at each tourney to be completed by 9:35 p.m., but most players will be finished well before then. All tournament games will be NWSRS rated.

Medals to perfect scores each evening.

1. Email us in advance your name, grade, school, rating, and the tourney name (Alpha or Beta), before 7pm Sunday the day before.
2. Check in between 6:00 and 6:10pm, and bring your $3 entry fee.

Registration and check-in: 6:00 - 6:10pm.
Registration and check-in closes at 6:10pm sharp, so do not be late. The format is such that we cannot accept late entries.
1st Round to start ASAP after 6:10pm.

Randy Walther and Randy Kaech 36O-255-Ol84.

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