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Summer Institute of Chess Mastery

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Lawn Chess

Are you ready for SICM?

Well, are you ready to get good at chess? Really good?
And have fun while doing so?

The Summer Institute of Chess Mastery is for those students who are ready to develop their talent with a combination of practice, personal instruction, home study and tournament participation over the summer of 2019. Students in SICM set their own improvement goals, and then develop a plan to reach those goals. By summer's end you'll be an experienced chessplayer, ready to enjoy the benefits of chess for the remainder of your life.

The Four Elements of SICM:

  1. Weekly lunchtime chess lessons (and rated games)
  2. Daily chess exercise
  3. Competing in the Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix
  4. Competing in the SICM Students Online Championship

Element One: Lunch Lessons and Rated Games
Students will be divided into small groups of similar level, and each group will meet once a week at the Ferndale Public Library, in the conference room from 12:00 to 2:00. The first hour will be instruction and training, the second hour a rated chess game with a SICM teammate.

Element Two: Home Study and Play
This is where you get good. We develop an improvement plan together. The key is to engage your chess brain each day. As a group, we'll get "on a streak" with our excellent online chess curriculum. Each week, students will check out a different chess book or DVD from Coach's library.

Element Three: Hot Summer Chess Grand Prix
Test what you're learning! Five trophies will be awarded to the players who rack up the most wins at all eight Grand Prix tourneys in Ferndale on Thursday evenings. Go for it!

Element Four: SICM Students Online Championship
Each SICM student will participate in an online "correspondence" (slow) style tournament against other SICM students. In each game, a move must be made at least once every three days.

Who can join SICM:
Due to size constraints, the program is limited to Ferndale MS/HS students, as well as middle school students in the Blaine, Meridian and smaller school districts.

There is no tuition fee. The lessons are free. (Ridiculous, I know!) There is a fee to cover the cost of materials, however. Each student must invest in a chess scorebook ($3), the online curriculum ($14), and either a tournament chess set, chess clock, or chess manual.

June 17 SICM application deadline
June 20 Lunchtime Lessons begin
June 20 Grand Prix I
June 27 Grand Prix II
July 11 Grand Prix III
July 18 Grand Prix IV
July 25 Grand Prix V
August 1 Grand Prix VI
August 15 Grand Prix VII
August 22 Grand Prix VIII
August 23 Lunchtime Lessons end

SICM Main -- SICM FAQ -- SICM Registration

Black did not castle, and where does it get him?

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